Tuesday, February 19, 2019


My design in One Kings Lane
By request from a customer, I learnt that my design "Pomegranate Blue" has been chosen for Lampshades and obviously have sold well. Yet, I will not continue offering my design in Spoonflower, due to a hell complicated tax form which I am not willing to sign nor able to understand, and I never sign what I don't understand.
I would rather offer my design on stoffn in Berlin. More Info coming soon.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Repairing a moth-eaten Wool Plaid

The work of insects can be discrete and quick. Now I chose matching colors from my crewel wool to weave small patches over the holes.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Oliver Hertel, ein Baumversteher

"Baumseelen" nennt mein Freund Oliver Hertel seine Schöpfungen, die im Holz das lebendige Wesen erkennen und für uns sichtbar machen. Er verwendet Holz von Bäumen, die irgendwo im Weg waren, gefällt wurden, gefällt werden mußten... und rettet so die Baumgeister, wenigstens sehe ich das darin.
Zur Zeit ist seine Situation kompliziert, denn das kleine Kunstzentrum, in dem er bislang gewohnt und gearbeitet hat, ist durch ein Bauprojekt in Gefahr.
Ich bewundere Olivers Kunst sehr und möchte mithelfen, dass die Wichtigkeit dieser Ateliers erkannt und die Künstler unterstützt werden.

Tree Souls -- my friend Oliver Hertel creates wooden sculptures which express the living spirit of trees and make them visible. He uses wood from trees that were "in the way" somewhere, were chopped down, had to be chopped down... and this way, he saves the souls of trees -- at least, this is what I see in his art.
At the moment, his situation is complicated, because the small art center in which he has lived and worked is endangered by a building project.
I adore Oliver's art and I want to help emphasize the importance of this studio and support the artists.