Thursday, December 9, 2010

A glimpse of the process

This is a new snakeskin patch as a whole, uncut. Until now, I showed them integrated into the quilt and covered with paint, adding a few more layers until the paint looks dense and dark. This piece is different, I wanted to keep the transparency and brightness of the colors. I made a few more reptile drawings and colored them, and there are some more Estonian spells to be cut in stripes and integrated into the quilt. The lizard isn't really cut off, it is just a portrait and ends more or less with the picture edge. The spotty background comes from ironing the cloth before it was dry which makes the steam create a pattern.
-- This is the view from the kitchen window this morning, temperatures going up and down around the freezing point. Later, there was bright sunshine.

Update of today's work:


Mo'a said...

I took you at your word and though it was a real snake skin :) Very clever and well done.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Looks real to me!

We are having a snow storm right now!
And it is coooooold!

Yael said...

First of all: I LOVE that winter photo! Such a melancholic gray sight - I could get easily in the mood - - for a day or so :-)!
And this panel is absolutely wonderful - so much you Eva! And pieces got in the quilt, I love the written text there and I wonder: What does it say?
This will be a masterpiece! Have a wonderful weekend away Eva-Maria!

Eva said...

The text appeals to the snake again, conjuring the power of healing.

Diane said...

Really beautiful!