Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thinking of Christmas

(Caution: Filling's hot. This posting may contain sensitive thoughts and offensive ideas)

We bought small Xmas presents this year.
And we are not going to surprise one another.

My parents-in-law are, as we called it, a "mixed couple", a catholic and a protestant. My husband was raised catholic, but his scepticism goes far beyond. My father was a protestant vicar, I am a buddhist. My husband has a strange sense of humor, recently when I saw a light flying that probably was a distant helicopter, I said: "Look -- a UFO!" -- And his reply was: "Can't be, they don't fly on Shabbat."
The common base for us to celebrate?
If it was presents, in order to escape the religious quest, we'd be stuck in the material trap. Moreover, my p-i-l were not really happy with my husband's choice of a wife. I'm their guarantee that they are not having grandchildren. Hooray. Yet, they invite me for Xmas, as they have done for years now.
They know that J wouldn't go without me.
That's love! I love my husband, he loves me AND his parents. I love them and they love me -- in a strange way. With all the basic components for a conflict, we'll have a holiday in harmony. I know we will. We always make it. I cut back my urge to debate controversies. My p-i-l stop letting me feel I was the wrong choice ("she's nice as a person, but...").
Peace on Earth! Sometimes, it is a bit of work. But it works.

I wish you all very happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate, with whom and under whatever circumstances!


Yael said...

Thank you Eva for your wishes! You are a marvel and my wonderful friend!
Happy mixed and peaceful holidays! :-)

Dream on the wave said...

That is exactly the point...if everybody just would make an effort, it would make such a difference. And Love is the word.
Enjoy your days, however they are called. it doesn't matter. Be happy and enjoy!

Kathleen Loomis said...

I think the holidays, of whatever variety, are much nicer without gifts. Hope yours are wonderful

Chris Gray said...

Have a wonderful time...whatever you wish to call it all!

Much love to both you and Jens.

x Chris


We're lucky with our men - they have exquisite tastes in women!!:-)))

jude said...

i am sure you surprise each other in many amazing ways every day anyway... xx

Els said...

Ha Eva ! it's só good to read this post. It's like that in a lot of families, and I like how we get along nicely most of the time!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your man my dear friend !

deanna7trees said...

loved your husband's humor. peace in a family is a good thing but sometimes hard to achieve. seems like you've accomplished that. wishing you all the best.

Exuberant Color said...

Peace and love and everyone accepting everyone else, that's all we need for a wonderful holiday season. I love the beautiful photo!

ArtSparker said...

Very sweet post.Love the Shabbat remark- maybe the Lost Tribe?

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Ah yes dear Eva--love is the answer--hard work sometimes--always worth it. Try this for a family all inclusive Holiday song from the satirical lyricist Roy Zimmerman:

Light and comfort to you and yours!

Rayna said...

This post makes my heart sing. If only we could all be so tolerant of each others' differences! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful love match.

Wishing you a magical set of holidays and sending love to both you and Jens.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

It is all about celebrating love and togetherness. How you do that and what you include does not matter.

So Happy Holidays to you and your husband.