Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Wish You a Happy Water Dragon Year!

Dragons, printed on cloth after a gouache painting,
inspired by an ancient Chinese vessel
And may the dragon be a symbol for strength, beauty and spiritual growth. In Asia, it is a positive symbol, not the incarnated evil, but a natural force that arises in early spring. The Chinese celebrate the New Year in these days; the Tibetan calendar sees the 22 of February as the beginning of the Water Dragon year. In this article there are some very interesting and helpful remarks on astrology in general. See it with a huge portion of sensible and critical understanding. Most of it is what we make of it.
When I started doing needlework again a few years ago, I did so because being too much on the internet and reading each and every site on conspiracy theories wasn't doing my soul any good. True or not -- I decided not to decide, but feed my mind with issues I experienced to be positive. I worked on a cosy and colorful little world around me. The cushion is part of it.
Curing the world is hardly possible. Doing what we can without neglecting our own welfare has become my solution. Have a time of happiness and well-being!


deanna7trees said...

it's only recently that i'm seeing the dragon symbol as something positive. it has always had a negative connotation in my mind. your pillow is beautiful. so vibrant in color.

jude said...

ha.. dragons. i want to make it a symbol of story some how, change it to be something meaningful to me. we'll see.

Yael said...

I understood a long while ago that I have to stay in my own little world to be sane and safe. It became clear to me that I cannot bear the global suffering on my shoulders, and that I will not be able to change things in a big way. But I can undertake small steps, I can live in peace with myself and my surroundings, I can care for my own well being and happiness and for that of the people near to me. I can create good vibe and positive energy - I can be creative and I can reach out to others - that all contributes to feeling good.
Your pillow is a good metaphor for all this. :-)

Els said...

Wise words, Eva, which we should remember !
I like the dragon as a symbol, and my plan (not started yet) was to make a dragon on one of my felt-fabrics. So I think this "new year" would be a good time to do so ..... ;-)

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Stunning work. Stunning--stunned with the beauty and power of it.

Rayna said...

Happy Water Dragon Year to you, too, Eva.