Sunday, August 12, 2012

Copying my own work

"Director's Cut"
Here is the source of joys for me. At the moment I'm doodling more than starting with an idea or thought. I almost forgot to document this one before it was destroyed in order to become this one:
"Four Beautiful Days" -- dedicated to Martha Marshall
"Inner and Outer Hebrides"
 I started these experiments of water color collage with a larger painting which I did not like in the end; the parts did not seem to match at all. I washed some parts (a fruitful task if you work with best quality paper) and received something like this. Yet, I was not satisfied and did the same cut-and-paste method. After the washing, the colors had become subdued which gave them a sandstone look.

"Under Ground"
You can see, how badly these parts would have matched. I took the brighter snippets and turned them into this collage. My intention was to do a remake for a sold picture. Have you ever managed to copy your own work?
Here is another small watercolor called "Fault", and I think it is pretty boring.
The last one is a new version of the UFO theme, similar to this one.


deanna7trees said...

wow. those colors really pop. i'm trying to learn to use watercolor but haven't been very successful. and...yes...trying to copy your own work is not easy. the difference in time and place and state of mind creates a different result.

Els said...

Ahhh Eva, what a great way to use things you were not happy with,
And new ideas are born from that !

Martha Marshall said...

They are all lovely. I don't know which one I'd choose as a favorite. I love your idea of taking them apart to make something completely new. They remind me of hand dyed fabric.

The more subdued one is beautiful and subtle too. And the UFO piece is fabulous!

I tried to copy one painting that I did, because a collector had purchased one that got lost in shipment and he asked me to do another one. I came close, but the second one didn't have the same spontaneity. He liked it, but I could tell the difference.

Yael said...

You are always SO brave Eva, cutting into your work and rearranging it!
Looking REAL good!
I LOVE the Ufos!!!

Yael said...

Ah, yes, I copied once a big wall hanging. It was in an exhibition and someone liked it and wanted to buy it, but it was already gifted to my daughter. I had many of the used fabrics left and redid it - but that was not fun at all, and I never did and will do this again. The only satisfaction was, that the woman who bought it loves it very much, and for this it was worth the effort. I did the hanging for her, and when she moved some years later, she called me and asked me to take the quilt down, dust it and hang it again in her new apartment. Then my husband and I got a dinner invitation from her as a thank you!

Rayna said...

LOL - I don't know about sensuous pleasure, but cutting up the work you don't like is very freeing and what you remake is almost always more exciting. You go, girl!!

Robbie said...

LOVE the colors!!! Wonderful work

Patty Ashworth said...

Love that piece! It works really well!!!