Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Discovery of the Needle

As I got caught in painting routines more or less, I turned my attention back to an almost forgotten tool that I haven't touched for more than half a year, continuing my work on the Roadrunner Quilt.I integrated (haha, misprint "integreated") the BaGua quilt and parts of the experiments from almost a year ago.
It is a quilt-as-you-go, and I find pleasure in inventing lots of bridges which puzzle the grid and don't make it look like jail bars.


Yael said...


Yael said...

I clicked on your pictures - your colors are glowing! So beautiful!

deanna7trees said...

yes, the colors. they are absolutely eye catching. marvelous.

Els said...

Ha, ha, Eva : RE-discovery you should say ;-)
(Indeed Yael : glowing colours !!!)

Especially put in the beautiful blue chair Eva ! Would like to spread it out to see the whole quilt ;-)
(you're such a colourful person ...)

Julie Howe said...


Rayna said...

Aha - I remember this project! And I also understand the need to shift gears and come back refreshed. There is something comforting about cloth.

My archaelogical dig remains in the drawers because I have no time. Sadly.