Monday, July 7, 2014

A Concept Arising

After a phase of mere experiment, a concept is forming: A rather rough diamond shape and blocks which fill the gaps between the diamonds.
The direction of the blocks is given by the central element within the light green border.
I hope to achieve a ray-light effect through the strip blocks.
I work in rows which wrap around the piece, starting in the center. So I don't have to plan the whole quilt in advance.

During my holidays, I did not have much time to quilt. Though I took the piece with me, together with a bundle of scraps and thread/needles, there was not much time to continue. Instead, my husband and I did a few walks, rode by boat, or slept a lot.
Here is a choice of pictures from our journey; see also newer postings!


Els said...

Looks like it's coming along nicely !
(Ha, too much other things to do during the holidays ... always take something with me too !)

Yael said...

You are full of colors, you are a colorful color loving color minded woman Eva-Maria, that is SO good!
I love your colorful quilts, they look done spontaneously, but I know you are actually planning very well where each patch will go.

I shall again find scraps for you! :-)

Rayna said...

You certainly understand about the process of "start now, figure out the concept later." I really like what's happening here.

Loved your pictures of the holiday -- you go to the most interesting places!