Friday, November 11, 2016

My Blog has Been Neglected

Shame on me -- I let my blog lie waste for such a long time.
My craft activities have been neglected, too. Have been writing in German, not much to say about that. I think I'll post some pictures instead...
Last Roses...
Die letzte Rose welkte noch nicht ganz
Still autumn, and then...
Das tiefe Gelb, das weiche Grau

... first snow on rose hips.
Der Wind ist nicht mehr lau
First ice on the pond.
Der reinen Wolken unverhofftes Blau
Some ducks...
... erhellt die Weiher und die bunten Pfade

Yet very quiet.

The hornbeam stands almost naked.

Rose hips and a thin layer of ice

Shorter days, colder nights
Und auch was übrig blieb von grünem leben
Verwinde leicht im herbstlichen gesicht

My sacred bosk

Another hornbeam's clothes


Els said...

Ha Eva! Lovely to see and hear from you !!!

Ms. said...

Over joyed to have you visit again. What a time in the world we are having over here in America. We are wounded and limping but still going on. I'm sure you have been watching from afar and your photographs take me back the the natural world in a wonderful way. Just what was needed. Thanks for the return.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your photos are beautiful. I love to see all of the different seasons. No snow here yet to photograph and flowers are still blooming in our late fall.

Eva said...

Thank you all -- you haven't forgotten me. Sorry I'm not being creative -- or cannot show much.