Saturday, November 22, 2008

The insect survived a frosty night, and the painting grows slowly

On the picture of yesterday's posting there was this drone fly -- she (he?) survived and came back this morning to visit my last flowers. This fly won't give up until she gets killed by the frost. We should do so.

Work on Joseph's Colourful Coat goes very slowly. But it has to. Coincidence is the real painter. I wait until faces and landscapes appear, and make them more distinct. I have to be careful so the spectators will see more and more faces and landscapes in the squares, the more they look at them.

Another version will be a piece of fiber art. I started creating the base out of my husband's old clothes, and while sewing I pricked my finger and so had the first traces of blood on the cloth. Hope it's not gonna get more weird, after all I will use acrylic paint and not real blood.

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