Friday, November 28, 2008

Some progress

Painted and quilted: Small patches on "Joseph's coat", acrylic paint on cotton, and a small piece of fur which "refurs" to: 1. The lie of Joseph's brothers about him being killed by a wild beast, 2. Jacob (Joseph's father) had betrayed his father by stealing his brother's blessing.
And in order to carry out this cheat, his mother Rebecca had wrapped goat fur around his wrists and neck in order to pretend he was his hairy brother.
A lesson on Karma.
The patches are painted by coincidence. Then I looked at them and found landscapes, which I cut out and fixed them on the background.

And how far did we get with the painting?
Unfortunately the photo is very dark, the flashlight pic was worse. This picture is going very slowly, different from the first and second version. I colour the patches with a painting knife and acrylics; then I look at them to find landscapes and faces in them and work these out in oils.

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takinanap said...

enjoying your experiment with paint and stitch. my first visit to your blog. i will be back:)