Sunday, August 30, 2009

Berlin -- we'll be there

Will this be our new hometown?
At least we'll visit the place to celebrate the birthday of J's cousin.
But there may be more happening. J will have an interview about a possible job. Yesterday, there was a letter in our mailbox, 2 months after he sent out an application for a Hamburg furniture shop. The letter read: "Could you imagine to work in Berlin?" He would be leading the shop, not just be a seller, or -- as he wrote in his application -- do the complaints service. J asked me: "Can you imagine to go to Berlin?"

Oh, wow. He can.
It is much too early to think about it. But it is so tempting! This international, mentally open city is so different from our home. So much more spirit, art, intelligence. Interesting people.
Yes, we can imagine to live there. Both of us have relatives and friends in Berlin. My f-i-l was born there, but his Mom left it with her kids, just before a bomb pulverized the house.

All my life I've had a very loose connection to schoolmates and colleagues; it was only self-chosen relationships that mattered. Very often I had the feeling of not communicating at all. And most of my close friends were foreigners, English, Turkish, Tibetans, Japanese.
Am I living in the wrong country? And could Berlin be a step into the right direction?


Chris Gray said...

ANYTHING is an adventure if you're minded to treat it as such....

Take the opportunity if it presents itself - you sound like you're ready for a change anyway.

Embrace it all....

..and see what happens


Rayna said...

Remember - when it is beshert, it will come together easily.
Fingers x'd for this one! I think you really belong in the U.S. or France. Me, I belong in France, without a doubt. But that is another fork in the road early on that I did not take, to my sorrow.

And thanks for the good wishes on my mother - her bronchtis will be better - her memory - not.