Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A closer look

You are right, the embroidery is not so visible in my latest posting, and maybe it is a little embarrassing to show it too closely... It is a little primitive. But some of the examples in the books show that not everyone who did embroidery had a hand for refined design. The red wool blinded my camera, it is just too radiant.

Arrived today after almost one month shipping: My latest Spoonflower goodies. Had to pay 9$ customs. But wasn't it worth it? There is the tablecloth for my m-i-l. The material is linnen-cotton canvas, a rather sturdy material. And as always, the printing is very good quality and 100% true to the handpainted design in shape and color.
My cloud pattern is not on the first page of the shop any more. They remove a design after 6 weeks in the charts. Boo. Couldn't it just go down slowly when people lose interest? But maybe they wouldn't? It is still selling, but now, less people will find it.


Chris Gray said...

..primitive....but delightful!

Happy shapes and colours. Love it! :-)

jude said...

i truly love this embroidery.