Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Magic Day in the City

You might have heard that we call Hamburg "the most beautiful town", and among the reasons are the lake in the center and the park. After shopping (a light, but ladylike blouse for Turkey, not the one in the shop window, right pic), we sat by the Alster lake for a while. Then we decided to walk on through the Colonnaden shopping mall and arrived in a park which is simply called "Plants and Flowers". The atmosphere was warm and damp, another rain was due, but still lingering. We sat in the park for some time, talking about the past year and its changes -- we had started this walk with a short visit in J's old company, and talking to his ex-colleagues had eased his mind a little. He had been very sorry to leave a company he had been working for thru 7 years until the company decided to centralize their service in Munich; but now, J heard that things were getting worse, overtime working and Saturday-/Sunday work was due, so he lost some of his regret.
He does enjoy his time off now, and we sat in this park for some time, just letting our eyes rest on the flowers, on the ponds, on the little waterfall. Then we took the train home; when we got out of the subway, we saw that it was pouring down and ran to reach our flat.


Rayna said...

Love the pictures of your beautiful park and flowers. Here it has been raining, too. And cool enough to make soup!

I know about regrets when you leave a company where you have been pretty happy - but it does help to know you left before things got worse, as they usually do. I'm glad J. has some comfort, even though his former colleagues are overworked. Sigh...

Tally said...

Wie passend! Gerade hatte ich gestern Abend das erste konkrete Gespräch mit einem Freund zur gegenseitigen Unterstützung u.a. genau zu diesem Thema.
Von deinem Artikel merke ich mir besonders das positive Selbstgespräch.
Herzliche Grüße

ArtSparker said...

How nice to have a haven from the weather after an idyllic day out- the best of all possible worlds.

Deborah said...

Lovely park.