Monday, June 20, 2011

Make ends meet

The strips are sewn, and two of them are connected.
 The squares are not equal, although cut with a stencil of 6x6", but the bending of the backing fabric to the front has different results, depending on the material thickness and other characteristics.
Sometimes, the corners will not meet. But the overall length of the strips is quite similar, because by using smaller and larger squares in a mix, I get strips of an average length.


Yael said...

Never mind that - they don't have to match!!! It looks gorgeous Eva!!!
I wish I could work in such a spontaneous and uncomplicated way like you - you play like a child who's artistic abilities never have been spoiled, who never has lost them - joyful and happy it seems - the results are always so stunning!

BTW, I love your new photo!!

Yael said...

Oh dear Eva, that sounds somehow not right - your art is far from being "childlike" - I looked again at your paintings on your art web some days ago, and was swept off my feet like the last time I visited there! You are a such wonderful and versatile artist - one with a heart in it, in your art! There is much in common with your paintings and your quilts, your embroidery and your weaving, not to forget the dolls!
Oh well, do you understand what I mean? :-) :-) :-)

Eva said...

Dear Yael,
Picasso once said that it takes a whole life to be able to create like a child -- I see it as something positive, please don't apologize!!

ArtSparker said...

Wonderfully festive, and I like the photo in the low light.

Els said...

What a glorious colourful present that is !!! (I would be happy to be Benthe!)
Good luck with the last stitches!