Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vanity walk in the park

If I just walk five minutes, I'm in a park which used to be the green of a horse racing ground. Now, there are nice houses around where the races used to take place with a vast park in the middle.
 I took two quilts out to take photographs -- here are some.
To be honest: I made a knot on the reverse
to keep the quilt from being blown
into the ditch


Yael said...

Wow, I was instinctively trying to catch them Eva!!
Wonderful photographs of beautiful quilts!

Chris Gray said...


New art installations! :-)

Exuberant Color said...

You scared me there, I was afraid it was going to fall in the water. It looks like you had fun on your photo shoot.

deanna7trees said...

beautiful quilts and especially in those settings.

Anonymous said...

Those quilts are glorious, Eva. And what a lovely idea to take them out to the park.

KathyB said...

These little jewels look terrific in this beautiful park. What a gift you offered that day for others. You never know what artistic sparks you planted. Your quilts are delightful. Thank you. I do fiber art also, but with very small pieces. Stop by and see what I do with the scraps