Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guess where we were

Yes you guessed right. This is Loch Ness.
We spent most of the time in Edinburgh. This picture was taken on a day trip to the Highlands.
I will make galleries out of my photo collection, but not tonight; we just returned, it is almost midnight, and we had a flight through bad weather that rocked us a lot.
We saw most places by walking! From our B&B, we took the bus to the center of Edinburgh, then walked and walked.
No, we did not take this taxi, just one from the airport to our bed & breakfast and one on the way back today. This country was the right choice for our trip! We enjoyed every moment of it.
J: Flying to Scotland and back with me

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Yael said...

Hi Eva, soooo wonderful to have you back!I missed you - my blogger world has been less colored without you!
I am looking forward to your photos and stories!
Did you see Nessie? :-)