Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What the Driver said

What is in the black waters of Loch Ness? The driver of our bus is a very skeptical man, and from the start, he had not believed in the legend. First, he read about the Irish monk Columba who reported his sightings of "sea horses" in  the year 565. Then, our driver had an opportunity to talk to an eye witness who used to go fishing to a remote and hard-to-reach loch which is almost as deep as Ness. He said he had seen such phenomena and -- as our driver said -- he was not the kind of person to lie to you; our driver looked straight into his eyes when he spoke.
Another person who was familiar with the story: A marine biologist who made sonar research. He said that there was something definitely "but we don't know what it is. Sometimes it is gone completely".
Recently, someone promised a 1 Million £ reward for evidence which means that nobody shares his knowledge any more.


Chris Gray said...

I thought it was at the END of July that you were coming over!

We would have met you somewhere along your route..

Never mind...hope you had a great time ...

...did you succumb to a fluffy Nessie to take home with you? :-)

Eva said...

Oh, Chris, what a misunderstanding! We try something next time. We did not buy such souvenirs!