Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blame it to Avira -- A big hug and thanks to Rayna!

Now I know why my blog got smashed -- it was too much guardiance from the anti-virus protection. I switched off the security settings, loaded my blog -- everything back to normal! -- and switched them back on. Looks good now -- hoping it is for good!

For the time being, Rayna Gillman was so kind to invite me as a guest blogger. I accepted her offer with gratitude. Please don't miss her work -- excellent prints on cloth and exiting quilts from an inspiring and warm-hearted artist.

Update. Looks like they found and repaired the mistake in the meantime.


Judy said...

Yayyy: you're back! I've left you a comment on Rayna's blog.


Rayna said...

Yay, indeed! But it was good to have you as a guest.
hugs from me.

P.S. - first, I thought Avira was some kind of goddess that was full of mischief.

Yael said...

I also left a comment there Eva - and I even have Rayna's wonderful book on printed cloth!

susan christensen said...

Triumph over technology is always so rewarding! Congratulations, Eva! -sus