Monday, October 3, 2011

Handing a Quilt out to the Owner

My grandniece seemed to be satisfied with the quilt, although it looks as if she is redesigning it with her blanket. She is being assisted in her check-up by her "mow", as she calls the cat ("ow" like in "how"). Fortunately, there are a few mows on the quilt. She discovered them at once.
Having no kids of my own, I never knew how rewarding it is to create for them -- as long as they are very young and not starting to be critical, ha!
I took a stroll through the autumnal garden. Of course, we took apples back. The harvest was not brilliant, due to a sudden frost in spring that damaged the cherry blossom badly. My brother (Bente's Graddad) also grows veggies like rare potato and tomato sorts.
The grapes are ripe, too. The quinces had problems. These were sorted out. The good stuff will be processed into wine and jelly.

Firewood piles: Preparation for the coming months


Els said...

Aaaaah Eva, this is só good to see: your grandniece looking at and crawling over your beautiful work ! She will surely LOVE it: now ánd in the future !!!!

Judy said...

What a beautiful baby - and I think she loves the handsome quilt you made for her. What a gift of love! You know she will treasure that for her entire life! Your pictures are terrific. I felt like I was along with you on your visit.


Yael said...

Finally! Wow! I am so excited to see this Eva! And yes, this little girl is very sweet!
And of course she will love that quilt a life time. My nieces are all grown now and they still have their baby quilts, they will never give them up.
And I was lucky, my children never were critical of any thing I have created, they just loved it all, and they still do like every new outcome.

susan christensen said...

Eva, I am interested that your harvest not so good there as neither was our wild berry crop here in alaska. and then a huge wind storm caused us a power outage for a few days so I lost all that was in my freezer, alas! love the baby quilt, and her name for Cat! smiles to you across the miles, sus

Exuberant Color said...

What cute photos to cherish for years as the little one grows up. She is introduced to stitching, color and pattern while being able to wrap up in something soft. It looks so pretty against the grass.

Deborah said...

Great photos of your gorgeous quilt and its lovely little owner!

Cobalt Violet said...

What a beautiful little girl and quilt and place! All lovely!

Jacky said...

Ah your beautiful woodstack reminds me of my visit to Switzerland...I just loved all the woodstacks, something we dont see here in Australia. I took lots of photos.
Your quilt for your grandniece looks wonderful...what a treasure and what a pleasure for you to see how much enjoyment she is getting from her new quilt.

Jacky xox

Els said...

Hi Eva, you will have a lot of visitors for your biscornu - tutorial !!!! ;-)
Have a good weekend !