Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Ice is Melting

A sudden jump in temperatures to balmic 7° C/ 45° F has stopped the ice fun. You can see how mighty the ice layer was -- up to 10" during the coldest days! Last weekend, almost a million people walked on the ice of the Alster, an artificial lake in the middle of our town. Everyone seemed to be crazy about a walk on ice, you can see them here. 300 people had to get medical treatment after falling on the slippery surface. 60 shops offered hot wine, gloves and burgers. We abstained from this folly.
The birds seem to be hopeful, their voices sound different. Did you notice that they change their songs, when spring comes nearer?

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Judy said...

Oh yes, the bird songs are so wonderful in the Spring - they are courting, after all! LOL

What a lot of people falling on the ice!! Makes my hips hurt just to think of it!