Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting Ready for the Exhibition (starting on Aug.4)

They are all framed, standing piled up, waiting to be taken to the place where we will hang them on the walls in a week.
I just can't stop painting.
My husband wrote a list -- he is very good at keeping things in order --, and you should expect it will be closed at a certain moment, but new items keep growing.
I will put them into a folder that my visitors can look through during the opening; I have to take it home after Saturday because the exhibition will remain unguarded. It will take place in the seminar rooms and corridors of our local culture center. So from now on, I'm painting things that will not hang -- but anyway, our list encloses 55 items. This will keep the visitors busy, I guess. And the primary purpose of this exhibition is to inspire people who come for painting and quilting classes. I do not expect sales, one or another just might happen -- so you see: Commercial reasons were not what made me appoint the event.

 It is getting hot today. Our balcony will become a furnace during the day. In the evening, it will be a nice resting place for my husband and me, when I treat him with tea and ice-cream.


Yael said...

You must be so excited - and probably exhausted too! I so wish I could come to visit your exhibition, I know it will be great! Please do take photos Eva, to show after it. I will be there with my thoughts and spirit!
Hugs, Yael.

Eva said...

Dear Yael, I will do my best to give you the feeling of being there -- and it is a support!

Ms. said...

“Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”—E.L. Doctorow I'm sure that applies to all art, and to all art exhibitions, Eva, and that your lights will take you safely there and back again. I look forward to your after posts.

Eva said...

Ms., thank you! Sure I'll share my experience.

Els said...

O, Eva that exhibition will be really inspiring for a lot of people I'm sure ! (It's inspiring on your blog already, so in "real life" it will be even móre so !)
Sales ? mmmmm yes ! I think so ;-)
I'm sorry Hamburg is a bit too far away, otherwise I would seize the opportunity and visit you ánd the exhibition !
So keep painting, my dear Eva !
Hope the sun hides behind some big white fluffy clouds from time to time, just to keep the balance ...

Rayna said...

Not expecting sales?? Hooray - you got them anyway, and no wonder! The exhibit looks gorgeous and I am so excited to see it. What a major undertaking!!!
congratulations, dear Eva.