Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Smashing Exhibition: Frank Stella in Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen, has a Nazi past and a commercial present. It may also have an artistic future with the overwhelming art museum, showing Frank Stella thru Jan 20, 2013. If you are in Europe, see the show! The exhibition is wonderful. The amazing hall, excellent light, a representative choice of Stella's work. I was even allowed to take photographs, but signed that I would use them absolutely for private purpose and not pass them on. I even got a press card. But I don't think it is an offence to show this view, overlooking the exhibition, because who will be able to use these snippets of Stella's art in a forbidden way?

After walking through the galery, we had a little rest in the Japanese garden which is part of the museum.

Later, I saw this piece of art work in town.

Wolfsburg is a very boring town with absolutely nothing old in it.  Many streets are definitely old workers' homes from the 30ies/40ies.

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