Thursday, April 4, 2013

Color Pencils and Oils

You remember this motif. It is the Fairy Hill I painted in oils. This one is color pencil. And so are the following three.
 Another one of the boulder pieces with rocks, seemingly in motion. I wonder if it would work to balance them out like this.

In this case, I doubt the stony, solid matter and let the rock shine. Radiance, radiation. The natural radiation of rock material is a phenomenon that -- imho -- is still not understood by humans; we have to proceed in evolution to fully understand that. Maybe change our understanding of matter in general.
This one surely will remind you of those I painted earlier on in gouache or water color. This time, I used oils again. That's why there is a disturbing reflexion on the upper part, hope you don't mind. It is the layers theme again. It is a challenge to do this in oils. It might be easier in acrylics; I will try that, too. But the temptation to sum up transparent layers makes me use oils again and again. This is not finished, though; there will be more layers on the darker parts to make the bright lines shine as brillantly as possible.


Yael said...

WOW Eva!
I love them all - the last one is my favorite!
And they all remind me of the Dolmens in the Golan Heights.

I had the same problem, my blog was overflown with spam comments. I am using comment moderation now, so I can control it.

Els said...

Aaaah Eva, love the almost fur like qaulity of your colour pencil drawings : that one with the rainbow over the boulders .... SUPER !

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Eva. I must say, I love all your work. So sophisticated and elegant and just plain beautiful. The last oil with the intense blue background knocks my socks off! Must be the quality of the blue.
best, nadia

Judy said...

Oh Eva, that bottom one just makes my heart sing! :-D