Thursday, July 4, 2013

Relaxed Play with Watercolor

"An Afternoon near the Dragon Stones",
watercolor, double letter format
 After painting many water color pictures with painstakingly fine structures, I felt like taking a rough paper quality and paint in a swift and more spontaneous manner.
"Broken Column", watercolor, double letter format
It is an amazing experience to paint with a French watercolor brush. I did not pay that much for it, I got one from the kind people with the art material shop for whom I write a blog.


Judy said...

Oh Eva, I love these! What is the difference between a French watercolor brush and a normal one?
Our grandson Charlie adores your "Pink Bridge" painting that you sent me several years ago. He admires it every time he comes to visit. That always makes me smile!


Rayna said...

They are both beautiful,but the second one is my favorite. You make it look so effortless - which is what a good artist does.

Yael said...

Schoen! Die zarten Farben und die Textur bilden eine ruhige Harmonie. Man koennte dort sitzen und sich anlehnen und sich gut fuehlen...