Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Watercolor Obsession

"Pagan Temple, not accessible"
Watercolor snippets on black paper, 12x12"
"Temple, not accessible for the public"
Watercolors, approx. 12x16"
"The Rainmakers' Gate"
Watercolors, approx. 12x16"
"Colums of the Sky"
Watercolors, approx. 12x16"
"Columns with Left-Over Paint"
Watercolors, approx. 12x16"
"Man Cannot Have Moved This"
Watercolors, approx. 12x16"
Would painters keep on painting a certain subject if they knew why? Probably, the process of painting is a search for a reason. I'm fascinated by the heaviness of boulders, columns and menhirs, by pondering how they got them up there, considering also irrational explanations. I like to paint them as levitating objects or broken down, resting, piling up. They are puzzles from the past and carry long-forgotten messages.
Some of these paintings are not abstract any more, dangerously close to esoteric kitsch, I'm afraid, but I have to take risks on my search.
Oh, I forgot one of them! Here's an update. It is the one on top.


deanna7trees said...

fabulous. especially love that last image.

Els said...

Wow love the persistence in working the subject over and over again !!!

Glad you're back and painting ;-)

Yael said...

Very very very beautiful Eva! Gorgeous work, I really love it.
Have been there! :-)

Karen S Musgrave said...

I love these! Keep on!