Thursday, September 5, 2013

Five New Squares

After a time of heavy painting, there is a time of more intense quilting. Didn't find the time to do more prints; so I'm using the chicks that are still there instead. Sometimes I abandon the rules to the degree of making something completely different; if you look closely, you will find an 8-point star in the right top square. Guess the only rule is to have something like a square in the middle and a lot of 45° angles around. And to use the heaps of lovely squares that my quilter friends gave to me. Having started with such a tiny stash just a few years ago, I cannot properly reward your kindness.
Front crossing
Front crossing
Pumpkin, the color of the season, appeals to me a lot. But having started to compose the quilt, I have to keep the new squares in balance with what is finished already. The reverse strips are finished; I'm just uncertain if I should embellish the corners with the little 45°-squares, too, because the crossings bulge up to an enormous volume on these spots.
What do you think?
Reverse crossing


Rayna said...

Loving these squares, as well. You are inspiring me to get back to the sewing machine.

Els said...

Love the tiny square dots between the connecting stripes, Eva !