Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just a Few Squares Missing

More squares are finished. Spread out beside the finished part. They still need to be quilted and connected. I'm not sure about the white square, front left; it came from another project. Will it fit in?

Cloth for the middle piece in the top left square: Ruusulampi


deanna7trees said...

if it doesn't fit in, you can put it on the back.kj

Els said...

Bright, brighter, brightest !
Love all your colours Eva !
It's a joy to watch you working along
(are you stitching as you go .... ? otherwise it's a lot of work still to be done ....)

Eva said...

Els, if sometimes I take a piece along, they are just 20x20cm, quite practica. -- Deanna, it is a good idea, but it might get too many layers this way.

Yael said...

Mmmmmmm - ne passt nicht! :-)
Mal's an, dann passt es!
This piece is absolute gorgeous!!! YES!