Friday, October 4, 2013

Taking up a UFO

You might remember the quilt I started a few years ago. I called it the "Museum Quilt" because it is about symbols, as they can be found on ancient artefacts, and partly are authentic, partly invented.
I took working on it up again, after finishing my latest quilt, because I thought it should be continued.
A divine couple, partly taken from very ancient pottery
A Japanese calligraphy from Rayna Gillman's stash

Critters out of Wanda Hansen's scraps
Mountains that Yael Eshkar gave me
I apply the korak method which allows me to connect the pieces rather informally. It will be full of stories from long forgotten times -- or modern whimsical fiction --, when I'll finish it.
Coming back to an old task (this one was started about 3 years ago) can be quite inspiring.


deanna7trees said...

love that you're back to korak. it always inspires me. your quilt will be like reading a book...a story in each piece.

Eva said...

Deanna, thank you! I'm trying to reach this state of a "story" quilt.