Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ethnographic Quilt, Close-Up

I showed you my "Museum" or "Ethnographic" quilt more in a survey recently; now, as I proceed, I like to give you some close looks which probably make your hair stand up about the irregularities of my stitching. Actually, I don't plan, but improvise; I don't iron, but fold and press the edge with my fingernails; I keep it on my lap or on a small wooden board which you can see in some of the pictures when I find it a nuissance to cut up my thread because it went through the tablecloth.
I enlarge the quilt by adding strips as a support for
the new piecing

Instead of ironing small scraps, I fold them by sharpening
the crease with a fingernail.
Looks almost like ironed. But I did not burn my fingers.
As you see, the edges are very irregular and torn, they
need an equalizing strip.
Fine steel pins are indispensable for this technique.
I connect the pieces with very small, bead-like stitches.

These bridges are split by another seam for a 3D-effect. They
also make the whole piece more flexible.
Sometimes I added very small appliqué bits which become
3D when surrounded by quilting stitches.
Here, I integrated the appliqué into the print on the fabric.
Very small scraps can be used in this mosaic piecing.


deanna7trees said...

great explanation of how you achieve your beautiful patterns. a great project for scraps and to carry along for found minutes on the go.

Yael said...

My hair did stand up - because of the wonderful colors in so many hues and shades, the endless textures, the marvelous beauty of hundreds of pretty small patches brought together with thousands of tiny sweet stitches to form a work of art!
This is so lovely Eva-Maria! :-)

Suzanna said...

Thank you, Eva! I love seeing close-ups of how you is a lovely quilt!

Els said...

It's really great to "see you working" Eva !
Ha ! a wooden board on your lap .... I remember stitching through my skirt when we were hand stitching in Jude's Beasts class ! since then I use a small board too ;-)

Dreams can come true! said...

I love the colors and like your idea of sewing on your lap with a board. Thanks for joining our Art Group in Maumee, Ohio. We look forward to your input.

Jokke said...

Oh, I just love it!

Coby Lange said...

I love it love it love it!!! Thanks for sharing