Sunday, November 3, 2013

One Quilt -- A Dozen Fabrics for the Binding

 My quilt "Ethnographic Museum" is not very large, about 4x3 ft. I decided that it is finished, though it will never have bed-size; But some things don't improve when being enlarged. The reason is probably that there are plenty of details which don't allow it to be larger.
 The last part I did is the row of triangles on the right side of the view below. It is a convincing signal to walk upstairs, as you can find it in many museums. The quilt now starts with a strong clockwise movement, driving left. Must be a British museum.
 And now, I'm almost finished with the binding. As you can see in this picture, there are different fabrics instead of framing the whole piece with the same fabric. I just could not make up my mind. I also thought that the jeopardy of materials should be continued allover, this might harmonize with the character of the whole piece better than an "orderly" or conventional binding.
I might even turn this method of binding into some kind of personal brand.
P.S. The colors are not quite as bright as in the first picture which I took with a flash light. They are more like the 3rd pictures shows them, a little more subdued, looking vintage more than any other I made.


Yael said...

You never should even have considered a traditional binding - that would have spoiled everything - oh well, in knowing you (a bit), I am sure you did NOT consider! :-)
Eva, it is wonderful, really!

Yael said...

Oh, yes and I know you more like quilts on a bed - but this one surely would be a great statement on a wall! :-)

(But it should not get direct sunlight!)

Ms. said...

You are a wonder of the Western world! Just your paintings....but CLOTH///WOW.

Hope you got a glimpse of the solar eclipse...spectacular this morning.

Now I'm off to the marathon, a friend is running for the first time ever....

Exuberant Color said...

I agree, some things don't get better if they get bigger. This one is perfect in size and needs to be seen up close for all of the detail. It is wonderful! It is encouraging me to do some kind of medallion quilt, also a smaller project.

Els said...

Ohhhh WOW Eva, this is really GORGEOUS !!!
The last picture where you can see all the dimples of your stitching is fantastic !

Nancy said...

This is FANTASTIC!! The color, the detail, the it! If you really wanted it bigger or 'bed-sized'...I can picture it buttoned onto a white quilt (big enough for the bed). It would be like a frame and would pull your eyes in for a closer inspection!! At leat that's what I saw when reading your words!! Haha
Beautiful beautiful work :)

Rayna said...

Finally home and back to the Internet -- and here is your gorgeous quilt, cheering me up! I would not want to see the stitching any other way - it is perfect!


Doris Perlhuhn said...

O, that´s great! And a perfect binding for it. You pushed me to try korak too. Thank you.

Anne said...

Your quilt is beautiful :)

Susan said...

So beautiful! It looks like a fun quilt to explore, so many wonderful details.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Eva. Fabulous quilt with wonderful detail work. So much energy!
best, nadia