Saturday, May 17, 2014

News from Afghanistan

"Tshokletdusi" -- "chocolate" embroidery
depicts sweets in general as a subject
Stitching projects from a hurt country
I told you before about the embroidery project by Pascale Goldenberg
(Pictures with kind permission P.Goldenberg)

"Keshide", traditional embroidery
Quilt by Francoise Rouppert
I recommend to view this awesome website with a remarkable attitude towards the stitching women and their personal story. The ladies who support the project by buying the work of the Afghani women and integrate these pieces into their quilts show respect and charity at the same time, enhancing the work of the women in Kabul and other places and letting them shine.

You may have noticed that there haven't been postings on my blog for a long time. The reason was that my other project -- much like the latest one I posted -- occupied me completely and would not allow me to concentrate on other things. Apart from that, I had to undergo an operation of my right leg after a minor accident because the hematoma would not disappear. This operation was done on April 12th and is history by now. I'm not sure what craft project will be next, because my right eye doesn't respond well on work being done closely to my eyes, be it embroidery, quilting, or painting watercolor pictures -- computer work doesn't affect it, surprisingly. Well, when aging, you have to adapt to your limitations.

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Yael said...

I read about this project already some time ago and find it is something very much to appreciate. Now I opened all the links within and saw the embroideries of these women. I decided to order two pieces to help a tiny tiny bit.

This morning I saw a documentary on YouTube about child brides in Afghanistan, it is heart wrenching to realize what is happening there with women and girls. The local police woman who helped with information to put this film together was later killed by the Taliban.