Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let there be color

Bringing color into our lives is an urgent task. Now that Washington DC is flooded with loads of snow. I'm working on the issue of the radiant pyramid. This is not a finished picture; I mirrored the finished half in order to give you an impression of the plan.
I used a triangle grid which I created on my computer and printed out on watercolor paper.

Oh, forget the boring things I wrote on our winter! I just heard that the East of the USA is being afflicted by a blizzard. Hope you are all unter cozy roofs with well-filled fridges, and remain online.

Due to our climate, temperatures move around the freezing point all the time, up at days, down at night. The roads get sanded, that's a matter of safety, and so should the ways for pedestrians. House owners are under strict obligation to sand their paths in front of their houses.
On public walks, the situation is different.
I have to cross spaces of blank ice. 4 years ago, I fell on the ice and had a ligament rupture which meant I had to wear a support for 6 weeks. As I don't drive, I walk vast spaces -- if possible. Now, I'm under arrest.
I guess I'll have all food from the supermarket sent home to me until the ice melts.


Judy said...

I hate trying to navigate on icy sidewalks! I hope your ice will melt soon so that you can be out and about again.

Thanks for your comment on Schwitters and Dadaism! Ahhh: I have so much to learn!!


Tiggy Rawling said...

Oh lovely, a blast of colour. How much we need it now, in the remains of winter. We are lucky in our little corner of Dorset, A micro climate - twenty minutes drive either way to find snow and ice. The days are getting longer, which helps. We are on the right side of winter, already there are signs of snowdrops, primroses and sprouting buds. Another cold forecast for next week. Hurrah, we will be in Kerala where it is considerably warmer; Keep warm and safe.

Wipso said...

Thank you for dropping in to my blog. I guess in this world we are all very different and all have different views. I too love the positive supportive comments I get from the people who enjoy my blog and I blog because I like to make people happy.
A x

jude said...

great color!
no snow here. amazing, surrounded by it but not more than 3 flakes fell here.

Deborah said...

Brilliant color as a nice contrast to all the whiteness!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful colors, what a lovely quilt that will be!

We just had snow here in Colorado, and it is beautiful, light and fluffy!

Approachable Art said...

"Bringing color into our lives is an urgent task."

That statement really speaks to me, Eva.

I hope your house arrest is over soon and you can get back to walking safely! I'm a lady who needs to be outdoors, too and by this time every winter, I'm clawing the walls trying to get out.

Eva said...

Today, there was some stone split on the ice layers which made it at least possible to reach the supermarket. I heard that some old people are lacking food because they don't dare to leave their houses. We have had 70% more accidents with broken bones in my town than normally.

Anonymous said...

How bright and cheerful this picture is, especially on this snowy day here.