Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to that project

Wonder if this quilt will warm my husband still in this winter. Stitching doesn't seem to harm my wrist as long as I wear this protective glove. I found out that without it I would twist my left wrist and bend it to a degree that must have been too much. The right hand, although holding the needle, remains less active.
I used parts of my husband's shirt with buttons. Through being worn, clothes preserve some of their wearers' story, it seems. (Who knows this better than Jude?) I have always sensed this since our old clothes were used in woven rugs in my childhood.
It is fascinating to integrate other people's story into one's projects, too.
Yet I like to know who they are; I probably would hesitate to use worn clothes from unknown persons, even though washed or dry-cleaned.

It is still snowing heavily. It is a lot darker than it looks, I took this picture at 1/60 sec. I'm glad that the supermarket is just around the corner. I'm a little timid about walking over ice.

To give life some more color, I painted another watercolor. It looks pretty skewed and crooked; I will give that motif another try.
The title: "Radiant Pyramid".
The wheel of inner energies sends out joy. May it send them to you!


Jacky said...

Thanks for your wishes of joy...the radiant pyramid watercolour is beautiful.
Love the photo of your husbands quilt. Particularly love that little square of what looks like ikat and the buttons.

Be careful in that snow (something I dont have to worry about where I live).


Judy said...

Many of the now famous Ghee's Bend quilts were made from old work clothes. I love J's quilt! Using the part with the buttons was a genius idea.
I'm feeling the joy from your radiant pyramid. Your color choices are delicious.

Stay warm...and don't slip on the ice!


ArtSparker said...

I once found someone's collection of old lace in a paper bag on the ground...such melancholy.

Rayna said...

Your radiant pyramid painting makes me think of Oliver Halsman-Rosenberg's work. Very mysterious and spiritual.

Glad you are able to sew a bit now. You've got to finish that magic quilt for J.

Snow here again and I hear the sand trucks. Be careful there.