Saturday, January 30, 2010

Take care

If you see this before closed eyes, you know that getting snowblind starts like this. I should have taken the walk with sun glasses! So please, if you walk in the snow in the sun, don't forget to protect your eyes! Fortunately, this went away very soon. In minutes.

It was an exiting walk, deep snow and the cold, clear air. We walked fast because of the freezing temperatures. A fieldfare had a meal from small fruit in a tree. In the medieval times, these were the poor people's chicken.


ArtSparker said...

Excitement, and even more so with the no sunglasses - talk to me before you go skydiving. The shy birdie is lovely.

jude said...

that is quite a dot!

gema said...

I think you have more snow than I do. Someone invited me to a shinding in Hamburg this weekend but the icy roads and the cold have kept me away.......having been working for a month in -8°C to -15°C I just wanted to stay inside today. I didn't though, made 2 trips to IKEA to purchase and exchange a blind (wrong size first time....some people like myself cannot measure accurately). Today was a mild -3°C.

BUT, what I really wanted to say is that your bird picture is spectacular. You should put your signature on your pictures to protect them.

Deborah said...

It looks so cold!