Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tiny little Watercolor Tutorial

Some artists would like to work with watercolor, but something keeps them from really integrating this technique into their art.
Please don't be scared of watercolor. Just make sure to use

- a very smooth wooden board to stretch the paper on,
- water-soluble glue strips to fasten the edges,
- the best water color paper that money can buy,
- old-fashioned razor blades to scratch off excess paint.

Soak the paper in water for a few minutes to maximum maceration, allow to drip off and flatten it on the board. Fasten edges with glue strips. Remove excess water with paper towel. Allow to dry over night.
Start working. This paper will not bend or warp. You can torture it with brush or blades. Good quality will not show holes or ripples, it will even get smoother if scratched carefully. This way, you can create highlights without using white paint (which spoils the water color impression anyway).
Allow finished painting to dry another night before cutting the strips.
-- Don't get frightened by the "bang" of the paper shrinking when being cut off!
A friend shows his true face, when you argue with him; paper shows its true face if you wet it.


Melody Johnson said...

Thank you Eva, just a wonderful tutorial on watercolor.

Eva said...

God, you're quick!

ArtSparker said...

Sounds scary. But I am sensitive, as you know.

jude said...

my father used watercolors and i always remember the paper soaking in the bathtub. and how he always told me about how to use the white of the paper as the highlights. and my favorite thing about watercolors is that darkened line that forms as the paint dries, the one on the edge of a color wash.

Clare Wassermann said...

Hi Eva - yesterday I wondered if you had met the artist Ton Schulten in your research. Ha well no wonder you couldn't fing him as I'd spelled his Dutch surname wrong. Sorry. Anyway here's a link: