Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm fine, he said

"First of all", my husband started his phone call, "I am fine, nothing happened to me. But I had a car accident." Just a little crack in the rear bumper. A truck tried to stop behind him at the red light, but couldn't, due to the ice. In a way, I was prepared. I don't trust car traffic in this kind of weather. Still around 26°F. I have a lot more confidence in the metro. But his way to his office is not practical at all; by car, he can just cross over from the north east to the north west of our town; by subway, he would have to pass the city, there is no northern rail connection. God knows why not.

Town admins have decided: We'll be getting streetcars again.
Car drivers hate that. But I believe this is the only way to solve traffic problems in European towns. We just don't have room enough to build highways as wide as cornfields. I love streetcars.

Still cannot please you with fiber art. My left hand is hardly getting better. I saw my doc and he said, "the joint is okay" (good news), "you just strained that hand." I'll get some electric treatment next week, no idea how and if it will work.

Sorry if I miss some of your postings and/or commenting them. I have to be quite busy with the memorial project in the weeks to come.
Today I photographed a load of documents which were hidden in a chicken shack roof for 40 years. Communist party books and papers. This will be part of the project. The man who owned them was executed in 1944. The documents remained hidden in the shack until it was torn down long after the war.


Approachable Art said...

WOW Eva, those books you're photographing, what are they for, exactly! Where did they come from? (I'm a history nut!)

Eva said...

Here is more information. Please click the English flag on the upper right.

Anonymous said...

Eva, so pleased to have found your thoughtful and inspiring blog. And via a lady in Greece!

Your art is powerful and very striking. I love quilting too - but so far its all done in my head!!

Best wishes, Mariellen

patstudio said...

happily J was fine. so fortunate.

I've missed some posts recently - just catching up and, as always, amazed, intrigued and inspired by your work. Pat