Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In addition to yesterday's posting...

Tally posted wonderful pictures of the frozen Alster, Hamburg's town river/lake (actually it started as medieval mill pond). And she took a picture of a bench on which I was fotographed more than 50 years ago with fur cap and muff.
I may look somber, even angry; I wasn't. It was my idea of looking dignified, I guess.
It is just a bench with a stone wall in the background. But I was thrilled to see it is still there, and remembered the walks I took with my Dad or grandparents.
Thanks, Tally!

Last night we had 1°F.


Judy said...

I enjoyed seeing Tally's photos also. Thanks for the link.


ArtSparker said...

You look quite formidable as a child.

gema said...

Ooooh this is incredible! Have you been back to see the bench in recent times? I am amazed that it's still there too, it is probably well maintained.
I have to work (praktikum) 'ambulant' in this cold....not fun!

Eva said...

I forgot where this bench is, but Tally's photo reminded me.

Tally said...

Wie nett, dass ich bei dir Erinnerungen wecken konnte.
Ich mag gerne hin und wieder den Photo-Vergleich früher/jetzt.
Ja, die Bank ist noch topfit und ich habe sie gestern ausführlich genossen.

Herzliche Grüße von südlich der Elbe

Jackie said...

How amazing.
(We must be a similar age..I had a similar ensemble in red I think)