Friday, January 22, 2010

Working in Series

Another Variation of the "Courts & Towers" theme. Watercolor, 5.9x6.3".
Background still white. I found I rather spoilt the last one by adding a background. It looked okay before I did, but yet it seemed a bit cluttered. So I painted a new version and tried backgrounds by alternating the picture with photoshop el.
These paintings look very quilty indeed, but I have to paint them because it is faster, and I cannot sew yet, that hand just won't get better, and my elegant glove (which I still like because it prevents pain) is rather a nuissance if I try to sew.
That's why I have to renounce on cloth which is a shame. There is nothing like a hand quilted surface. When I lie under my bird quilt, I stroke it, thinking, okay, I did that, and if I will never hand quilt again.
Painting is fun. I love it. I'm working on another piece already.
If I could paint the backgrund as evenly as my electronic brush does, it will look either like this or like this. Would you like to tell me your choice?


jude said...

these really would look great stiched, maybe i can do it for you... ha!

Eva said...

jude, thanks, I'm honored.

Diane said...

Let's hope with time your hand will heal...and if it does please be careful not to do it again! I love to see your stitch work and hope to someday again. In the meantime your painting is a great substitution!

P.S. I bought some special gloves that I wear most times when I stitch. I find they seem to prevent too much soreness. Maybe when your hand heals you can invest in a pair(or even a single) I swear by them!

Anonymous said...

I love these paintings, especially the one with the white background. I can see it as an illustration for a book.

I hope your hand heals completely. I have recently had both health and family crises issues keeping me from my studio, so I can understand your frustration.

Judy said...

Eva, these are so whimsical and truly wonderful! I am particularly drawn to the amber/peachy background.
Hope your hand is better soon dear friend!


Rayna said...

The orange one, of course! Don't worry - you'll stitch again. It just seems like it's taking forever - but this, too, shall pass - as they say. (whoever "they" are).

Celeste Bergin said...

remarkable how different the blue or orange background makes the piece. both beautiful

Judy Martin said...

I prefer the orange one.

Your blog is really interesting. I like street cars too.

je.clark176 said...

This colourful sky line is wonderful, Thank you for sharing and inspiring with your site.
best wishes,
jane C

Phyllis said...

Enchanting! Love the colors that you used.

Lawendula said...

Danke für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog!
Nice work to be seen here, like that! :)

Deborah said...

I like all of them. Hope your hand heals soon.

Puddleduck said...

Hi Eva, The blue background gives more spacial distance (i think I'm trying to say aerial perspective); and the orange is more intense and closed in (Orange being my favourite colour; i would have to choose it!)Maybe if the orange was reversed- lighter at the bottom and darker at the top...?
Oooh, I like it on the white background too... Gorgeous design! It would look amazing as a quilt. Best wishes for your hand getting better soon. Sandi