Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dwelling on details

There is no point in looking out of my windows. Snowsnowsnow.
The focus is on the detail. I'm working on the bauhaus quilt for Jens. The final measure of 1.30x1.85 meters/ 73x51" is reached. One more strip to quilt, and I can arrange them for sewing the top. Who else would quilt a whole bed quilt before sewing it? Form follows function, haha. It is double work, because when I have basted and backed the quilt, I'll have to do another quilting. I was thinking about the tie method, but my customer decided against that. So I'll do a wide stitch quilting, letting the thread run inside the quilt from stitch to stitch.
The details are simple. Not much decoration to be done. The overall impression will make it.

I don't go out much. Melting ice at day, frost at night causes surprises on the sidewalks. I can't remember the snow to have been this deep since winter 1978/79.


Deborah said...

Lovely stitching and colors! This is a fabulous quilt! With the snow, it's a good thing that you are able to work on it again.

Judy said...

Your quilt is just lovely Eva! I know your 'customer' will enjoy every stitch!
Stay warm and keep quilting!


jude said...

overall impression is a very important detail.

ArtSparker said...

Oh, This makes me want to make time for more sewing soon...

Juliette Crane said...

your quilt is beautiful! it makes me want to curl up by a fire during all of this Wisconsin snow.

Jacky said...

I am really enjoying seeing your work on the Bauhaus quilt and your ideas as you progress. I like the sound of the back and all of that stitching.
Beautiful colours to lure you into spring.

Jacky xox

Rayna said...

This is a treasure and I don't blame J for not wanting it tied.
It needs your stitches!!