Friday, September 3, 2010

Have to show you something

Evening sky tonight. The day was rather warm; the nights are cold, temperatures go down into the 50ies F.
I've been thinking of my friends in the USA and the storm. In Europe, there was a tradition to ring a bell against storm and lightning. Some steeples still have a bell which was used as the storm bell. It is still contained in popular phrases. "Ring the storm bell" ("Sturm laeuten") means to ring a doorbell vehemently.


Yael said...

Hast Du Deine Farben herausgeholt und den Himmel angemalt liebe Eva???
Just kidding! I love sunsets and sunrises! At this time of the year the sunrises here in Israel are especially beautiful (see a photo in my blog), because there are clouds now at the sky in the morning, which makes everything more powerful and textured.
Your photo is wonderful, thank you for showing us!

jude said...

i can hear it.

Rayna said...

What a gorgeous sky!! Interesting custom: did the bell keep the storm away?

Fall has come in - the air has cooled and it is apple-crisp and delicious walking weather -- for now. My favorite time of year...always connected with going back to school, although that is a distant memory.

P.S. yes, I asked the guy for about 18" of fence - LOL. Extended my arms and said "about this much." He must think I am 6 feet wide.

Eva said...

yes, these bells were believed to have the power to pacify the storm.