Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yes. Color.

After all, this blog is not named black&white research. So now there is a color album online.
Have to give a little explanation to the Holy Ghost Hospital in Lubeck. I added a photo of the large hall in which in medieval times people were put up in beds one beside another. The wooden cabins were built during the 19th century to grant the inhabitants more privacy. It is not much more than a box, but an example of charity in a Hanse town of the Middle Ages.

I have to apologize to my readers about dwelling on the same issue again. At the moment, I don't feel creative at all, and I neglect the unfinished things, but can't start a new one either. It is because the trip was a physical challenge, as well; not because of walking so much, which was a good thing to do, but being exposed to the wind and not being strict about my diet has consequences.


Yael said...

VERY beautiful pictures Eva-Maria!!! I enjoyed so much looking at them. All those lovely old houses - and the cathedral is marvelous!
"Der Teufel hat den Moench verfuehrt"... hm, hatte er Erfolg?
I love those fire bugs!!!
Yes, black and white photos can be very artful, but the colored ones surely are more alive!!!

Diane said...

I certainly understand how you are feeling. That last trip I made had me feeling much the same way and though I despaired ever feeling creative again, it did return as I know it will return with you also. Wondeful photos!

Deborah said...

Stunning photos! The house on the bridge is on of the most unusual things I've seen.