Monday, January 24, 2011

Painting again

I'm back in my little studio. Gouache, 15x10 cm. Title: Townscape. Awful light, sorry for the blur.

Update: The second show, the memorial one, will be performed on Thursday night, but the work is finished, and I can go back to my painting and needlework. Which is a recreation!


Deborah said...

Striking! I could see this as a quilt!

Rayna said...

You should have grown up in Paris in the '20s.
Love this.

P.S. Emma is more likely to be a writer, since both of her parents are talented, funny, literate, clever writers.

Yael said...

You take out the needle and thread - I get excited!
You take out the paints, the canvas and the paintbrush - I get excited!
There is always excitement in waiting what comes out of your head, your soul, your heart and your hands next!!!
Love that painting Eva! Of course!

Diane said...

Oo I love this, I really enjoy your paintings Eva!