Saturday, March 12, 2011

And here are the sketches I promised yesterday

Ancient grotesque
digitally colored
Greetings from Picasso
Scary goddess
Ancient tatzelwurm
As you see, I added notes and comments; the comments are written in old German handwriting, the facts about the artefacts in Latin. 

I spent a few hours in this museum, drawing in a standing position; it was rather strenuous. Have to do more training. I don't see these drawings as anything but documentary where the use of a camera, especially flashlight, is not allowed. --The colored drawing is digitally revised.
Our cousin's wife talked to her mother in Tokyo, she and Dad and sisters are all okay. They were shopping in a big department store in the city, and suddenly the chandeliers started swinging, and all the manikins fell over. They rode home in a cab, because the trains were all stopped; everything was very quiet, no signal-horns, but a spooky atmosphere, she said.


Karin på FOX said...

I like your drawings. Sometimes we can be thankful of restrictions. When you have to make your own sketches you really see.

jude said...

your sketches are wonderful, i feel a bit nostalgic for drawing these days.
a quiet Tokyo is such a spooky thought.

ArtSparker said...

I agree with Karin, drawing helps with understanding something.

Yes, wondering if things could get a lot worse in Japan.