Friday, March 11, 2011

An Exhibition that fits

Yesterday, I spent a part of the day in our Museum for Art and Craft. There was a wonderful exhibition of small sculptures. As I was not allowed to take photographs, I made drawings of these beautiful little artwork pieces.
Will show them soon.
These are similar examples. And this. And this. They remind me a lot of the art of Brancusi and Picasso.
Drawing is a wonderful way to take the image with me when I cannot take photographs.
In Italy in 1971, I needed a permission to make drawings in museums! I purchased one at the consulate before I went back to Italy.


Jacky said...

These Goddesses are wonderful...I love your fabric pieces in the post below.

Jacky xox

Chris Gray said...

We were in the Cele valley (Lot) a few years the Grotte de Perche Merle, where they had a superb expo of European Goddess figures. The Villendorf Venus was just one of many amazing pieces.

There were, luckily, no objections to picture taking (no flash of course) so I flitted around with the camera and brought home many, many photos.....for a future project of course :-)