Saturday, May 19, 2012

Young bird and bright color

Maybe this is the little bird that got lost in our living room yesterday, maybe his brother or sister, they all look alike. I shared the little story on facebook, and today (s)he posed for my camera.
Just couldn't walk past these peonies! What a color! The picture is true to life. 


Anonymous said...

Both pictures sing "spring!" Beautiful.

ArtSparker said...

Glad to see there were no residual traumas (if it is the same bird).

deanna7trees said...

beautiful bird and gorgeous peony. can't grow them real well here. i believe it takes an acidic soil.

Yael said...

Sweet birdie!!!
Marvelous peonies! Pfingstrosen - I remember them in my grandmother's garden!

Judy said...

Fabulous! It isn't often that a bird will pose like that!

My peonies came and went early this year, as it has been so warm here. Yours are lovely


Ms. said...

Just thank you--touching views made my heart sing.