Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Sunday Walk

Queen Mary II with exhibition and
sales tents in front
 The people of Hamburg love to celebrate the anniversary of receiving the harbour rights in 1189. Although the authenticity of this document is doubted, Hamburg authorities started this annual event in 1989; and as the Wall wasn't open yet, people in East Germany weren't able to participate. So, to compensate, the event was repeated, and, in spite of the original plans, the 801st birthday was celebrated, and then all the following.
I guess I'm too claustrophobic for a visit

The promenade
 We saw the cruise liner Queen Mary II and heard the steamwhistles greeting her which is an exiting sound for me, reminding of my childhood when we lived in hearing distance from the harbour. We crossed the square where the Sunday morning market had taken place, walking through the lovely old streets of southern St.Pauli quarter.
The building on the left belongs to the church and is a day home for children of the quarter. It is part of a site constructed from 1816 on; Napoleon had burnt down the whole place for strategic reasons. -- At last we reached the Paradise Court, one of the last remaining buildings from the time before 1800.
The "Paradise Court", a living building
from 1762 with reconstructed gables

And I found something on the flea market close to it: A jumbo cup and a small saucer for about $9 both, displayed on one of my older quilts.


Els said...

Ha ! Hamburg, harbour city like Rotterdam ;-)

Yael said...

I enjoyed this walk with you Eva! :-)

And I find the "Stilleben" of the last picture very pretty! How about painting it?