Monday, April 30, 2012

Bornplatz, Hamburg

My intention was to kind of sum up the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, St. Marc's in Venice and other Roman buildings and transcend them.This is not the building that used to stand on Bornplatz, Hamburg, Germany, but happened to be quite similar to this temple in my hometown.
Bornplatz today
The building is gone, the square shows the former ground plan. It is my idea of a temple where spiritual growth takes place. The pyramids are still integrated as a symbol of a rise step by step. Is it one's own effort that carries us higher? I believe so.


deanna7trees said...

i believe so too and you do it so well.

Yael said...

Dear Eva, I love this new painting very much - I love that it is so "sunny" and cheerful!
And I like that thought you provided "rising step by step". We surely can use all the help and advise we can get to rise on a higher level in life and to reach a better understanding of it, but at the end of the day it is only our own will power and energy to succeed. It comes down to our individual decisions and discipline - in this I believe. Thank you for making me think! :-)

Chris Gray said...

..maybe that's why people have always been transfixed by birds, and have used them in their religious imagery...

Flying higher is something we should all aspire to is it not?

Judy said...

A magical place!
Yes, I agree, it is one's own effort that carries us higher. I have been struggling with this concept lately - so it is interesting that you should suggest it.


Lonci said...

Amazing work, congratulations:))