Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cut and Paste or Cut and Waste?

Painted a watercolor with thousands of details. Wanted to apply some space-breaking techniques like neglecting perspective and reaching an "each-side-up"-feel. I was close to finishing, only very few white spots to be done.
I was not happy with the result, took scissors and chopped that thing. Then I remembered I had not recorded my work. I put the pieces back in order on a black paper and took a picture.
Then I started working according to the Rayna-Gillman-Method, rearranging the bits and pieces. I came to the conclusion that the copper roof did not work upside down (such a sophisticated idea that it just could not work). I pushed the bits here and there.
At last I glued them onto the background, joined some white pieces into the scene und started painting some more.
The adventure isn't over yet. WIP -- waste in proposal.


susan christensen said...

Eva, I really enjoy this post, love to see the changes, like putting a puzzle together. -sus

Rayna said...

You are too funny, Eva. I looked at the next post first and thought what a delightful piece. Then I read this one and chuckled. Yep, if you don't like it,cut it up:-). Works almost every time.

BTW - I removed all the extraneous pieces from the one I was working on and decided to leave it in the original for the time being. Simple is better, it's just the size I don't like. Maybe I'll put it on a background. On verra.