Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Each Side up

Watercolors, overworked with indigo black ink.
About double letter format on strong paper.
If ever I had an opportunity to go to a stone circle, I'd try to connect them with colored ribbon. This is a very simple first sketch of such an action. And then to lie down in the middle of it on my back and look up between them, trying to make them lose direction.


deanna7trees said...

your explanation made me feel like i was there on my back, looking up at the sun.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Eve, you captured it perfectly! Very lovely and the combination of colors is intriguing against that beautiful blue sky.
best, nadia

Chris Gray said...

It looks so different when enlarged!!


liniecat said...

Like Deanna I was flat out beneath the moon and the wonderful Henge stones!
( Mind you it was chilly at this time of year lol)
A smashing design idea this!

Els said...

Ha, Eva, just lying inside the circle of Stonhenge, wonderful !
(would like to go there for real one time ;-) >>>)