Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Showing Up

We have had the darkest winter since 1970. Just 96 hours of sunshine all through the season. People are fed up with the cold and dark time. Since last weekend, the sun has been showing generously, and people are out in the streets.

That's why I took my camera and tried to catch the things I see in a little park in the center of my hometown. Met the first bumble-bee -- you see it scanning the blossoms near the upper edge of the photo on the left.

Some people are longing for spring so hard that they lie down on the lawn ... oops! This morning still was frosty!

There is a sunny terrace high above the park with a lovely view over the lake where people go during their noon breaks to catch some sun. It will be crowded soon. But the forecast for the coming week is a return of winter with frost and snow.


Judy said...

They are forecasting a bit of snow here in the next day or two as well! Can you believe it? I hate this cold weather too. Our January was fairly moderate, but February was colder than normal, and March has started out that way. I'm so ready for Spring! I finally went out and puttered in my flower garden yesterday afternoon...and it was a good thing, because it rained hard this afternoon, and now the cold weather is blowing back in.
I love your photographs of your fair city, and the crocuses!
Stay warm dear friend!


Ms. said...

Lovely shots....here, there is some snow due tomorrow, but the heat of this city melts it quickly. I think everyone is weary of the Winter, and the world seems poised for surprising transitions in every sphere. Sometimes, I only want to roll into my comforter and forget it all :-)

Yael said...

I am more lucky, spring here is at its height and due to the plenty of rain we had this year, the desert is in full bloom too! The almond trees finished blossoming and it is the time of the fruit trees now.

Those crocuses are so very lovely Eva, and wait, a little bit longer und der Lenz ist da!